8.8″ Hummer Smart Balance Wheel Hoverboard-Black

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About the Off-Road Hoverboard

The off-road is built to handle gravel surfaces that makes it very hard to have a smooth ride on a normal hoverboard.

Designed with a strong body to protect the sensors during heavy gravel ride experience, you can rest assured that the board will last longer when compared to the normal smooth surface hoverboard.

  • The all-new 8.8″ wheels off-road hoverboard is a two-wheel electric device that is purely operated by your feet.
  • The hoverboard has an internal gyrostabilizer to ensure an easy-to-learn riding experience.
  • Use subtle body shifts, to move forward, backward, make turns and even rotate 360 degrees around your axis!
  • With a sleek modern design the hoverboard is great for indoor and outdoor fun.

8.8″ Off-road Hoverboard Specifications

Size: 68*21*21CM
Platform: 118mm
Ground: 28mm
Tire Size: 8.5″
Ingress Protection: IP54
Net Weight: 15 KG
Gross Weight: 16 KG
Packaging Size: 77*32*29cm
Color: Black
Package: Color Box
Motor Power: 700W(350W*2)
Battery: 158W/4.4AH(LG/samsung  batteries.22P)
Max Speed: 10Km/h
Max Loading: 100KG
Charging Power:
AC110-220V 50-60Hz
Charging Time: 1-2H
Range: 20KM
Operating Temp: -15˚C ~ 50˚C
Mini- Turning Radius: 360˚


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